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Hi my name is Linsey, I am the owner of Modernbabies. I am a loving mom of two kids, my children are the ones who have given me the passion to create Modernbabies. A little history about me, I ran my own physical business in the beauty industry for ten years in Vancouver Canada. I love making people feel great about themselves and helping others bring out the best in themselves. To bring out a smile in someone is such a great feeling, and I loved that my work gave me this opportunity.

Two years ago I left my career to go on maternity leave, at this same time my husband got an unexpected job offer overseas. Since I was not working at the time we couldn’t turn the opportunity down. We packed up our life, I left my clients in great hand of my colleagues, left my career behind and off we went to start a new journey. Since then, I have had an amazing time being able to spend time with my kids, see them grow and develop and smile every day. I am so proud of them.

Living in a foreign country has its pro’s and con’s, I myself do most of our shopping on line, where I live offers limited options when it comes to products, clothing and such. Since I explore so much online I realize how many amazing products are out there. I have sourced out so many things for my own children as well other who we have met along the way to help them find what they need. I have become so passionate about finding great items such as clothing, toys, strollers and so much more. This is what led me to start my own company at Modernbabies.


At Modernbabies our goal is to source out the best baby products on the market. We are always looking for the newest latest and greatest pieces to add to your baby collection. Our products are high quality, affordable and parent approved. We love setting new trends, staying current, and we can’t wait to share our goods with you!

My Promise

Ordering online can sometimes bring concern with things like “is the quality good?” “Does this product really work?”

I promise you that all our Products have been carefully selected, parent approved and offer positive feedback by our consumers.

We want to see our clients satisfied, enjoy your shopping experience at ease and lastly we want you to love Modernbabies.

Thanks for dropping in!


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  1. Hello Linsey, it is a pleasure to meet you. I loved reading all about you, and the purpose of your website. I am single with no kids, but I love kids, and love to learn how to properly provide for them. I hope you continue to work hard on your online business, and I wish you all the success in the world!!!

  2. Hi linsey, I can’t wait to see what’s next for the website. I will definatley be keeping up with the blog to keep me up to date on what’s new and useful for my baby boy. Good luck to you

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