Best baby carriers 2018- Get the latest scoop.

If you’re searching for the best baby carrier you’ve come to the right place. Like choosing a stroller, there are many things to take into consideration when purchasing your carrier.

Soft structured carrier


We have made a list, Best baby carriers 2018, with the most common types of carriers to help you’re narrow down your search and find the one that suites you best. First off, purchasing you’re baby carrier is like picking a nice piece of clothing. You are going to be the one wearing it, and your need to be comfortable in it. What works for your friend or sister or whoever, just might not work for you, choosing the right baby carrier becomes quite a personal preference.

What is the best baby carrier?

There is not going to be one direct answer for which is the best until you take a minute to think about your lifestyle, are you’re and outdoorsy type of person? Do you plan to carry you’re baby for long periods of time in a carrier? Or maybe you’re just want to have a carrier that allows you’re more “bonding time” at the same time allowing some hands free time. Before you go running out to purchase the same carrier as the mom at you’re baby group, who told you’re hers is the best, ask yourself why you want a baby carrier and what you plan to use it for. This will help a great deal in narrowing down your search to find you’re the best baby carrier. Take the time to answer the best baby carrier 2018 questionnaire we put together so you can choose which carrier best suites you.

Best baby carrier 2018 checklist- Finding the right one for you’re.Mei tai carrier

  • Do you want the ability to have a baby carrier for breastfeeding?
  • How heavy is you’re baby?
  • Do you want specifically a baby carrier for a newborn?
  • Would you prefer a carrier for use with a newborn until toddler?
  • How does your back handle extra weight?
  • Do you plan to carry you’re baby for long periods of time?
  • How many positions do you want to be able to carry you’re baby in?

Different types of baby carriers.

Today there are many types of baby carriers on the market. Depending on how you plan to use your carrier will help determine which type is the best. Here is a list of the most common types of baby carriers 2018 has available.

  • Wraps
  • Slings
  • Mei Tai Carriers
  • Soft structured carrier (SSC)

Wrap Carriers- Keep those baby snuggles going.

Wraps are basically a long piece of cloth fabric which wraps around the parent and baby. Some wraps allow for different holding positions such as chest and hip. These carriers are essentially good for keeping you’re little love bundle close to your body allowing for prolonged snuggles yet giving you’re some hands free time. The great thing about these wraps is that they are easily adjustable, there are no snaps or clasps to dig into you. The wrap is tied around your shoulders and torso allowing the babies body weight to be evenly distributed. Some give the ability for moms to breastfeed while using the wrap, the fabric also allows some stretch for extra coverage while feeding. Generally wraps are recommended for use of newborns up to 18months, and come in many varieties of fabrics to suit your needs.

Sling Carrier- A Cocoon for your baby carrier

Slings are similar to a wrap in the way that it consists of a long piece of fabric, however they are usually fastened with a loop or some sort of knot. The difference with a sling compared to a wrap is that there is no need to “wrap” the fabric around your body. These are made so that part of the sling goes over one shoulder across the body to make a pouch for you’re baby, then using your opposite hip to balance out weight and add support. Your baby can be nestled into your chest, or cocooned in a hammock like position on you’re hip.

Mei Tai Carrier- Comfort traveler.

The Mei Tai carrier originated in China, it is like a soft structured baby carrier, only it does not use snaps or clips. Like the wrap, it is fastened by long fabric which you tie around your body. The benefits of this is both partners can use the carrier without having to readjust the straps each time, it is simple and compatible with almost anyone’s body. The Mai Tai carrier consists of a rectangular body (which is where the baby sits) and four cloth straps which are sewn to each corner of the body, leaving the loosed ends as you’re adjustable straps to tie around the carriers body. This Carrier is great for people with back or shoulder problems since the weight is distributed evenly over two shoulders and the entire upper body. Some moms are able to breastfeed using this carrier, however moms with larger breasts may have a challenge. The carrier can be positioned on your chest, back or hip.

Mei tai baby carrier

Soft structured carrier- The most versatile option.

soft structured baby carrierAlthough I still love my wrap the best for my newborn, the soft structured carrier will be the best choice if you’re are looking for only one option. This is probably the most popular choice among parents today. You will notice that the price point on soft structured carriers can jump quite high in compared to some of these other carriers, however they are the most versatile and provide great support for you’re back. Like the Mei Tai carrier it will have an actual “soft seat” for the baby, however the straps are fastened with buckles which go over each shoulder and one around your hips. Depending on the carrier you’re choose it may offer many carrying positions, Chest facing in, chest facing out, hip and back pack style. For newborns some of these carriers have an infant insert that you can purchase to make sure you’re baby is well-supported and securely fitted into the carrier. Depending on the brand of soft structured carrier you choose they are usually made with great consideration of back/spinal support for parents, as well baby. For newborns neck and head support and hip, leg position has become a huge consideration when manufacturing these                                                                      carriers.

Which Carrier will you’re choose?

So now you have gained some knowledge of the different types of carriers and what is available to you. My opinion is that I really loved my baby wrap when my kids were newborns, they are snug and secure feeling and give a womb like feeling for you’re baby. After about 6 -8 months old, I converted them into a traditional soft structured carrier (SSC). To be honest, don’t look at the cheap ones, my firsthand experience is that they do not have good support. Invest a little money into a good carrier, whichever type you may choose, you will not regret this. Lastly I will mention the hiking backpack, this is specifically made for long duration of time, it is only recommended for babies who are old enough to hold up their own head. I did not go too much into detail about this because it is not an everyday type of carrier. I Hope my article has given you’re enough info to make the right choice and find the best baby carrier for you’re.

Good luck!


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  1. I used a baby bjorn when my son was born which I found was great but with my daughter I opted for a wrap carrier and i found it so much better. She was more snug and would sleep much better as well as being much easier on my back. She is 1 yr now and I still carry her around in it from time to time.

  2. My best friend’s due date is in a few weeks, I’m going to refer her to your site. When I had my kids (twins) I used a soft structured carrier, or should I say carrier’s, I had one on the front and one on the back, haha. They are so convenient.

  3. Hi Linsey, these are amazing baby carriers. I honestly didn’t know there are different ones out there. My sister will love this and I share this article with her. thanks

  4. Those only saved my life…! My first born was a “high need baby”, and all we had to start with was a structured carrier. She didn’t like, I didn’t like, wasn’t working. Then a friend introduced me to a wrap sling, then a double sling. I got both, kept both (you need two with a projectile-vomiting baby) and finally figured out how to ease the colics, get her to sleep during the day, so she could sleep at night… And my sanity came back. With the second baby, a mei tai got added to the mix when she got older and I used it right until she was about two. Should be a must-have in any mum-to-be’s pack. Great article, thanks, Linsey!

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